Blue Ice

Gear Accessories

It is from below, at the foot of Mont Blanc and the Rockies, that the BLUE ICE team designs and develops backpacks, ice tools, harnesses, crampons, ice screws and accessories which combine minimalism, lightness and performance for mountaineering, ski touring and climbing passionates.

Nicolas Graebling

06 71 78 46 92

336 Route du Nant Jorland 74310 Les Houches, FRANCE



In 2011, BLUE ICE launched the CHOUCAS, the first mountaineering harness to weigh in less than 150 grams. A first in the history which will be followed by many other innovations. Innovative with a subtle blend of purism and daring, BLUE ICE cares about the environment, its customers, and the details of its products. BLUE ICE is launching two brand new categories of products in September 2021: Crampons and Ice Screws